Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the moon jar

welcome to the moon jar ceramics blog!

pottery has been a major creative outlet for me over the past few years. i am inspired by the imperfections and uniqueness of handcrafted ceramics - no two pieces are the same. i love creating pieces that are functional and beautiful, ones that cannot be replicated on an assembly line and can be treasured for years.

a moon jar, or dalhangari, is just that. according to the British Museum, these large ceramic pots from mid-17th to18th century Korea "embodied the principles of frugality and purity that were the major neo-Confucian ideals...the asymmetry of the jar caused by warping on the wheel or slumping in the kiln was viewed not as a deformity rather as nature taking its course." (more on korean moon jars here, too.)

here you will find a collection of things that inspire me, and some of my own work too.

thanks for stopping by!

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